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Birthday Parties

Birthday’s are Fun at the Balboa Park Puppet Theater!

Birthday card1
You'll get a birthday card and a free pass to come back to the theater and visit us again!
Birthday Card 2
A free pass to attend any future show at the puppet theater.

Make a reservation for your Birthday Party by clicking the link below.  Group rates apply!

Puppet making workshops are $7 (per puppet made) with a $49 minimum charge. Before the show, the birthday child will get a crown, will be called up to the front of the theater and will pick a small puppet from the Magic Birthday Apron, will receive a birthday card and a free pass to attend any future show at the puppet theater.

If you are planning to have a group party in front of the theater with more than 20 people you should get a permit from the Parks Department by calling the park administration building at 619-235-1100.

Pizza or picnics can be delivered right to the party area!Please check the links below for Pizza Delivery and Picnic catering:

Picnic People San Diego
Papa John's Pizza

Puppets for Puppet Making Workshop

For birthdays you get a crown, a birthday card, a free pass for your next visit and a small puppet from the Magic Birthday Apron.

We have samples of the following felt puppets. We also provide a large assortment of supplies for children who prefer to make puppets from their own imagination. We also help children make something not on the list. We may be able to do a special request puppet sample for a particular party - just ask! There is no set age for the workshop but we do ask that there be some parent volunteers in the group.

Brownie Girl Scout
Daisy Girl Scout

Dress up Kitty
Gingerbread Boy
Phantom of the Opera

Snow Man
Snow White
Sports Kid
Super Hero

Birthday Party1 Birthday Party2 Birthday Party3 Birthday Party4 Birthday Party5

Due to park restrictions, we are not allowed to have food or drinks in the theater but many of our patrons enjoy the grassy area in front of the theater as a picnic area for party festivities. Attend the show and invite your party-goers to enjoy the park outside on the lawn in front of the theater. Eva Kvaas offers a puppet making workshop (please contact her at 

Please make a reservation for the birthday party on the group reservation form by clicking below.