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The Balboa Park Puppet Theater would especially like to thank Pam Wagner of The Wagner Foundation for her continued financial and personal support.   Ms. Wagner has contributed over $3,000 in the past several years to help us purchase:  a spotlight, light board, phone and credit card machine.  Ms. Wagner, a hands on volunteer, has literally helped paint the theater and has helped the theater develop with her participation on the Balboa Park Puppet Theater Board of Directors.

The Balboa Park Puppet Theater is very grateful to The Thursday Club of San Diego for a $3,000 grant that will allow the theater to present Family Day events.  Free “Family Day” puppet making workshops will be provided to all children attending puppet shows one Sunday a month.

A big thank you to the Thursday Club Juniors for their generous grant to completely replace our entire lighting system. The Thursday Club Juniors and the Thursday Club, together, have replaced our sound and lighting systems, dramatically improving the quality of our productions.

Thanks to Thomas Fitzpatrick, co-owner of The Mission Restaurants for his generous contribution of $400 toward the construction of this website.

The Balboa Park Puppet Theater extends a special thank you to the Balboa Park Education Program for their donation of two special effects lights and a wireless Shure microphone.  Puppetry classes were held every Monday at the theater for the Balboa Park Program which brings all San Diego City 5th graders to Balboa Park for one week.

Andrea Cameron has donated several pieces of office equipment including:  a Canon Printer and a Fax/Copier machine.