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The Rose and the Highlander

September 11-15, 18-22
Rose's father is ordered to take her to stay with a family in Scotland. Allen has scars on his face caused by a Fey's curse. An unlikely friendship is formed as Rose and Allen get to know each other until the day Lord Larkin comes to take Rose back to England. Will Rose go back to England or stay with her new friends and break the Fey's curse?



 Mr. Cat and the King of Autumn

September 25-29, October 2-6
Mr Cat and his friend Plumpkin go on a journey through the cornfields, pumpkin patches and graveyards, to find the King of Autumn.
Kaivalya Arts featuring Jason Johnson


Witches Brew


October 9-13

Gilda's plan to become a nice person goes wrong when her older sister, Wanda, accidentally spoils her special brew. You can help Wanda fix the problem in this un-scary Halloween story.
Hand Puppets
Millie Patterson Weaver's Tales


Monsters Under The Bed

October 16-20,23-27

Tommy says there are monsters under his bed! It sounds like rock n roll and smells like dirty socks. Are you brave enough to have a look?
Large Puppets with Black Light
Julie's Puppet Creations



Dia de Los Muertos

October 30-November 3