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The Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theater has long been a theater for children of all ages, located in beautiful historic Balboa Park, San Diego California. The Puppet Theater was originally part of the California Pacific International Exposition in 1935. The Exposition was organized to celebrate the completion of the Panama Canal. The theater still runs weekly live performances for thousands of guests each year.


Mr Ryan's Music Presents

T-Rex Music Video Release Party!

October 1 ONLY!

Shows at 1pm and 3 PM!

Poster with children dancing in the surf with a big t-rex and information around them


Celebrate good times, come on! It’s a celebration! Mr. Ryan and his wild crew of actors and puppeteers have done it again. This time they are putting on a fun interactive puppet show right in the heart of Balboa Park. You will sing, you will laugh, and you will dance. Come celebrate the release of Mr. Ryan’s newest music video for his song T-Rex. We encourage audience members to dress up. Dinosaur costumes are always fun! This show will take place at the historic Marie Hitchcock’s puppet theatre on Sunday, October 1st. We are offering two shows 1pm and 3pm. This event is fun for the entire family. Come be part of history in the making, It’s the future yet also prehistoric.

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Please note: the Theater is NOT selling tickets for this event, please use the link above!


Black Cat, Skat !

October 6-8, 12-15

Black cat in black caldron with an orange pumpkin head sticking out above the cat

Halloween is coming! Ghosts are about!  Esmeralda, the Great Witch of Potions, has been invited to the Broomstick Ball! She needs someone to go with her. Can she brew one out of her cauldron or will her kitty friend Elvira make one of her own? “Trick orTreat!” Or Meooowwww!!! Let’s see what Elvira does before Esmeralda can say “black cat, scat!!”





Want to know the difference between Hand, Marionette, Shadow and Full Body Puppetry?
Want to learn how to write a story?
Want to get away from the crazy world and do something creative?
Bring out the wild and crazy?

Then our workshops are for you!

San Diego’s Balboa Park Puppet Guild
is going to offer beginning workshops in
If you are interested, please email us at

for more information!