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The Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theater has long been a mecca for children and is located in beautiful historic Balboa Park, San Diego California. The Puppet Theater was originally part of the California Pacific International Exposition in 1935. The Exposition was organized to celebrate the completion of the Panama Canal. The theater still runs weekly live performances for thousands of guests each year.


10 to 25 paying customers 10% off
25 or more paying customers 20 % off

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"Sleeping Beauty" is told in a Table Top  Pop Up Book  as a Personal Story, as if my great grandmother was the Nonni for the princess Victoria, named after Queen Victoria.  When Victoria pricks her finger on a spinning wheel needle she finds in Nonni’s bedroom, Nonni is banished from the castle and ends up going to America. At the end of the story when Victoria is awakened after 100 years, she goes outside the palace and finds herself in a modern city.  She says she wants to go back, but Freddy Prince, her modern prince charming, tells her "You can't go back, this is the 21st Century, you can't go back".  The story raises questions about how the world changes and how families adapt.

Performed by Judith O’Hare, You and Me Puppets from Reading, Massachusetts

 Puppets designed and built ty Judith O’Hare, Scenery designed and built by Agusta Agustusson

Seniors/Military $4.00
Children Under Two Are Free
Summer Showtimes
Wednesday -Sunday
 11am, 1pm & 2:30pm



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