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Winter Hours
Labor Day to Memorial Day
Wed, Thurs, Friday:
10am & 11:30am
Sat/Sun: 11am, 1pm & 2:30pm

Summer Hours
Memorial Day to Labor Day
Wed Thru Sunday:
11am, 1pm & 2:30pm

General Admission: $5.00
Seniors/Military $4.00
Children Under Two Are Free
Group discounts for groups of 10 or more

Group Prices:
Groups of 10 to 25 paying customers get a 10% discount
Groups of 25 or more paying customers get a 20% discount

Winter Hours in Effect
from Labor Day to Memorial Day

Wed.,Thurs., Fri.10am & 11:30am
Sat. & Sun. 11am, 1pm & 2:30pm

Upcoming Shows

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June 14-18 and June 21-25

Desire to Fly


In the distant future a Robot, fresh off the assembly line, finds himself wandering through a garden, where he unexpectedly becomes fascinated by butterflies. From this inspiration he attempts to build his own set of wings. His journey of experimental flight travels beyond the unexpected. For all ages.

Shadow Puppets

Animal Cracker Conspiracy







June 28-July 3 and July 5-9

PUPPET CIRCO    pre-school

This is the zaniest, funniest circus you will ever see. The thrilling acts which include a tight rope walker, strong man and a lion tamer are more ridiculous than daring.

Hand Puppets

Gaston’s Puppet Show


 July 12-16






Do you believe in magic? You will when you see Cinderella transform from humble maid to the “belle of the ball” in this elegant tale.



Hand Puppets



Puppet Express and Weaver’s Tales Production



Performed by Millie Patterson





 July 19-23


The Giant has stolen all that belonged to Jack's father.  Jack is determined to climb the magic bean stalk, but will he get his father's treasure back or will he become a “Jackburger”?

Hand Puppets

Big Joe Productions




 July 26-30

Two Frog Stories and a Spider Song

 “I’m a wide mouth frog and I eat flies,” claims the wide mouth frog in this funny story. In Princess Elena’s Golden Ball, Frog finds the lost ball in the well, but a playful dog gets the credit. A delightful show for all ages!

Hand Puppets/Ventriloquism

Eva Kvaas – Little Red Hen Puppet Productions




 August 2-6

Something’s Fishy

Curious Little Garibaldi does not want to swim with the other fish and finds trouble until Mama Mia rescues him from the jaws of a lazy, hungry whale.

Large Format Puppets

Millie Patterson ‘s Weaver’s Tales


 August 9-13 and August 16-20

The Little Mermaid

Life in a coral reef can be boring.  Land is the place to be, or so believes this little mermaid!  Life will be turned upside down for the little mermaid and her human Prince in this underwater spectacle.

Full Stage Black Light Production

Julie’s Puppet Creations



 August 23-27

Pirate Paul

Ship ahoy, mates! In his search for the treasure of Balboa Park, Pirate Paul finds true love with Hula Helene.

Full Stage Marionette Production with a Six Foot Pirate Ship!

Big Joe Productions



 August 30 -September 3

Lion, Tigers and Frogs – Oh My!

Come help Sumari look for animals!

 This variety show includes the Aesop’s fable, The Lion and the Mouse and an African tale, Who’s in Rabbit’s House?

Bogo, the loveable orangutan, will be on hand for hugs and high fives.

Hand & Rod Puppets

Eva Kvaas-Little Red Hen Puppet Productions

Three Shows Added Monday, September 4th for Labor Day!



September 6th - 10th

Flying with Fairies NEW SHOW!

Curiosity abounds as fairies fly around. Like a chameleon they play hide and seek. Join in their adventures and have a peek.

Full Stage, Large Puppets, Experimental Puppetry and Shadow Puppetry

Julie's Puppet Creations



 September 13-17 NEW SHOW!

Michael: A Bigfoot Love Quest     

Take a forest  journey with Michael and his friend Scottie as they WHOOP, HOWL and SING to find their one and only.

Family fun for all ages.

Full Stage, Hand and Shadow Puppets. 

Silly Shadows and Such



 September 20-24

The Town Musicos of Bremenjillo

Laugh out loud as you follow Burro, Perro, Gato, and Gallo on their journey to seek their fortune in the town of Bremenjillo.   This is a musical Latin take of the Brothers Grimm classic.

Toy Theater

Gaston’s Puppet Show


 September 27- October 1


The Big Bad Wolf finds his way through Fairytale Land in search of a tasty meal.

Hand Puppets
Millie Patterson’s Weaver’s Tales