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 Goldilocks Puppet

April 12 to April 16 Easter is April 16th

Goldilocks and the Three Little Easter Bunnies


Goldilocks is lost and stumbles on the house of the three little bunnies. Will she find her way home? Will the bunnies help her? Come to the theater and meet Papa, Mama and Baby Bunny.

Full Stage Marionette Production

Big Joe Productions

Whispers of the forest puppets

April 19 to April 23 & April 26 to April 30

Come Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd

Whispers of the Forest

Gamoola the Great Tree is in danger of the wood cutter’s ax. Will his animal friends be able to save him?

Larger than life puppets                             

Julie’s Puppet Creations



May 3 - 7


A magical trickster returns to collect his terrible price for helping the miller’s daughter to do the impossible: spin straw into gold. Who will come to her rescue now?

Hand puppets

Millie Patterson’s Weaver’s Tales

Peter and the wolf

May 10 - 14

Peter and the Wolf

A retelling of Prokofiev’s classic "Peter and the Wolf"

Made possible in part by the Jim Henson Foundation

As Peter cleans and rearranges his grandfather’s workshop he discovers a journal which when read brings to life the objects in the workshop.

Table top, shadow, and object puppetry

Max Daily Puppets


Animals animals puppet

May 17 - 21

Animals, Animals, Animals


Big Joe shares three short animal stories including favorites: How Much is that Doggie in the Window, and The Rock and Roll Rabbit and Jack Be Nimble.

Marionettes and Hand Puppets

Big Joe Productions

Two Frog Stories

May 24 – May 29 (Wednesday – Monday)

Two Frog Stories and a Spider Song

(3 shows added on Memorial Day, Monday, May 29th)

I’m a wide mouth frog and I eat flies,” claims the wide mouth frog in this funny story. In Princess Elena’s Golden Ball, frog finds the lost ball in the well, but a playful dog gets the credit.


Hand puppets/Ventriloquism

Eva Kvaas – Theater Kids Workshop